Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Art
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This collection was inspired by the energy and experiences held by the deepest love stories. A portrayal of black love and unity during a time when negatively, comparison, and gender divides cripple the expectation and belief that love can be found and kept. Our goal is to remind our culture to grow in love, respect, and intention not just in romance but in every relationship you hold in life. Choose LOVE. Your LIFE depends on it!

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Our Sweet Shops offers you specialty chocolate covered pretzels for every craving AND occasion. Birthdays? Anniversaries? WE Got You! House Warming Event? Baby Shower? WE GOT YOU! We carry both white chocolate and milk chocolate varieties. Our top trending cravings include Not Lucky, Blessed and S'mores Before Chores. We do offer Bulk Pricing on 3 or more dozens, however the Assorted Dozens are not included in the deal. Custom Dozens are available per request. Please allow 48hours to process all orders. Free delivery is available to the Richmond area.

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HWC is a Cultural Gift Shop offering products and services across multiple platforms. Our Sweet Shop brings you Specialty Chocolate Covered Pretzel Ladies in over 12 flavors (or as we like to call them: CRAVINGS). Our Paint Lounge provides paint night services from the comfort of our own home. We also carry Home Paint Lounge Sets for at home enjoyment. Our Hand-Crafted Home Paint Lounge Sets will launch Spring 2021. 

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