A delicate array of yellow with pink rose arrangement featuring three strawberry chocolate covered strawberry Lady Cakes topped with light pink and silver sprinkles and three white chocolate covered lemon Lady Cakes topped with lemon candy zest. Our moist and delicious cake pops measure about 2” in size with the same fluffy texture as any slice of cake. These arrangements also serve as beautiful home decor pieces.

Strawberry Lemonade is the representation of balanced emotions in individuals whom don’t find it necessary to have a long term relationship in order to feel accomplished in life. However, they are open to the willingness and sacrifice that may come with finding “the right one”. One or two situations won’t dictate there implications on love or how they feel they will be treated in a relationship. The desire for love is equally important as self love and confidence.

A part of Handy Woman Creations’ all new LOVE LIFE Collection



Strawberry Lemonade